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Why You Should Care About Dieselgate

Drivers of the affected vehicles are not the only ones affected.

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Why You Should Care about Dieselgate

Many of you reading this are not driving VW’s let alone diesel. The  EPA discovered that Volkswagen used software to pass emissions testing, but then give off pollutants up to 40 times the legal limit in everyday operation in its diesel engines.

About 500,000 of these vehicles are in the US. The question is if you are not affected, why should you care about Dieselgate? We are going to go over a few reasons as why you should care,

It is not the first time automakers have found a workaround to circumvent a government standard.

276 HP? Suuuuure.

For many years, Japan had a rule that any car produced in Japan could not have a horsepower rating over 276hp. I bet you are thinking ok, there must have been a lot of slow cars coming out of Japan. It was not the case. The workaround is to rate these sports cars at around or about 276hp even though they were producing much more power.

It a was very easy to get away with and was a gray area. The government would have had to spend much time and money dyno testing every motor coming out of every manufacturer’s factory.

There were no real implications to this workaround, and the rule is no longer in effect.

The Gas Guzzler Tax

The gas guzzler tax is a tax that penalizes automakers for manufacturing inefficient vehicles sold in the US. It is is assessed on new cars that do not meet required fuel economy levels of 22.5 mpg.

Manufacturers have found ways to avoid the tax. How do manufacturers avoid the tax? Higher gear transmissions are a workaround to avoid the tax . Six, through nine-speed transmissions are becoming standard on most passenger cars and trucks, allow for higher fuel economy as these are considered over-drive gears.

Now we could go deeper into transmission talk, but I do not want to bore you with all the technical jargon. The point is, manufacturers are forced to push the envelope with technology to meet government standards. It can be done, and sometimes it cannot. Volkswagen could not meet these standards so their workaround was not only illegal, but it was deceitful to consumers.

The implications of this will be paramount. Will this wake the sleeping giant? Will we discover that more manufacturers are using similar software to fool government testing?  Owners of these vehicles will not have to deal with possible lost fuel economy and resale value.

We are all affected due to these vehicles emitting up to 40 times more pollutants than the allowable amount. We all have to breathe that air. We should all be concerned with Diesel Gate for this reason alone.

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