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How to Pair Phone to KIA UVO Infotainment System

Pair your your Android or Apple iPhone to KIA UVO


How to Pair Phone to KIA UVO Infotainment System


You have purchased your new KIA, whether it is from Jeff Belzer’s or elsewhere and you have no idea how to pair your phone to your new vehicle. Well we can assist you with a few quick steps on how to pair your Android or Apple iPhone to the KIA UVO Infotainment System.


  1. Press the power button on your KIA Infotainment System.
  2. Next, press the Phone button on the right hand side of your system.
  3. The screen will then prompt you with the following question, “There is no phone paired. Do you want to pair a phone?” Press Yes.
  4. At this point it will say, “Add from your Bluetooth device” on the infotainment screen. Take your phone, and if you’re using an iPhone, press your Settings button and turn your Bluetooth on.
  5. Once the Bluetooth is on, your phone will begin searching for your vehicle’s name. For example, if you drive an Optima, it will say “Optima.” Press the vehicle name, an it will then ask you for a passcode. Enter the 4 digits, “0000.” (zero, zero, zero, zero) Press Pair.
  6. On your phone it should then say “connected” and on your vehicle’s infotainment center it will say “pairing complete.” Press Ok, and then give it a few seconds to connect.
  7. Once connected you will see the blue and white Bluetooth symbol flash to confirm you are connected.


Consult your manual or contact the service center here at Jeff Belzer’s Service Center for more specific pairing steps.

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