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How to Pair Phone to Ford Sync

Pair your Android or Apple iPhone to Ford Sync

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How to Pair Phone to Ford Sync


You have purchased your new Ford, whether it is from Jeff Belzer’s or elsewhere and you have no idea how to pair your phone to your new vehicle. Well we can assist you with a few quick steps on how to pair your Android or Apple iPhone to the Ford Sync. To use any of the phone features for SYNC®—such as making a call, receiving a text message, or using SYNC Services—you must first connect, or “pair” your Bluetooth®-enabled phone. Pairing is what allows Bluetooth devices to communicate securely with each other.


  • Before you start

    There are a few things you should do before starting step 1:

  • Turn on your


    • Mobile phone
    • Vehicle
    • Radio/SYNC
  • Enable your phone’s Bluetooth® feature and make your phone discoverable.

  • Press the Phone button to access the Phone Menu. Press OK. Add a Device displays. Press OK.

  • SYNC prompts, “Press OK to begin pairing device.” Press OK.

  • SYNC prompts, “Search for SYNC on your device and enter the PIN provided by SYNC.” Press OK.

    A six-digit number displays on the screen for three minutes, during which time SYNC actively seeks for the same number from your phone.

  • Type the number displayed by SYNC on your phone key pad.

    Upon successful pairing, a message displays confirming the phone is connected.


  • Exit the phone pairing process by pressing the Arrows to select the Exit message and press OK to leave the Phone menu.



Consult your manual or contact the service center here at Jeff Belzer’s Service Center for more specific pairing steps.

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