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AAA Says $2.1 Billon Wasted on Premium Fuel

Stop Wasting Money on Premium Fuel

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AAA Says $2.1 Billion Wasted on Premium Fuel


Do you use premium fuel in your vehicle? If so, do you know why? Recently AAA published a study that says we as Americans are wasting $2.1 billion dollars on premium fuel per year.

The thought that premium fuel is better has been something Americans have been told for a long time. Only until recently have we been more informed that premium fuel isn’t necessarily better.

This AAA study could very well be true. Most new cars today do not require the use of premium fuel. Today’s computers can compensate for and adjust timing to avoid engine damage. There are about 485 cars that require the use of premium fuel. Is yours one of them?

Of the brands here we sell at Jeff Belzer’s here is the very short list of vehicles that require the use of premium fuel.

Chevrolet: Corvette Z06
Dodge: Viper

Your vehicle may recommend premium fuel. You may wonder what’s the difference between required and recommended premium fuel. Required and only means it is required to use or risk engine damage. Recommended is merely a manufacturer suggestion.

Premium fuel is not required for a vehicle where the manufacturer states only regular is recommended. We suggest only using premium fuel under manufacturer recommendation or requirement. Here is what you should look for:

  • 87 Octane Recommended – Use regular octane gas, but you can use higher octane if you would like.
  • Premium Fuel Recommended – Your engine may produce more power and get better fuel economy if you use premium fuel. Your vehicle will run fine on regular or mid-grade.
  • Premium Fuel Only or Required – Use premium fuel only.

Vehicles with high performance engines generally recommend premium fuel but run fine on regular. For instance the 2016 Ford Mustang has a higher power rating when using premium fuel.

If you have any questions about your vehicle please contact our service department at 952-469-3731.

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