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5 Factors Women Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle


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5 Factors Women Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle

When I set out to acquire a new vehicle I had a list of features that were important to me. My list may be different from yours, but we all have certain things we are looking for. I knew I wanted a car, but I didn’t have a specific make and model in mind. I talked to my sales person over the phone before I came to the dealership. I told him what things were important to me and he carefully selected three vehicles that he felt met those needs and wants.

On the day of my visit we test drove three vehicles together. At that time I owned a 20 year old vehicle so it wasn’t hard to win me over with fuel efficiency, technology and warranties. I really wanted a sunroof, heated seats, a digital speedometer and a decent sound system. Of the three vehicles I drove that day I was surprised at the make and model I preferred.  I did have to make a few compromises as I had to stay within a certain budget.

I don’t need research to know that men and women buy differently when it comes to vehicles. Women tend to be more cautious and spend more time than men at considering how a vehicle will fit our long-term lifestyle. We generally demand more from our vehicles than men do and we are more particular about a wider range of criteria. The top five factors women consider when purchasing are:

·         Comfort (heated seats, comfortable ride, and ease of access)

·         Safety (air bags, visibility, and rear cameras)

·         Practicality (fuel efficiency, cost of ownership, and meets demands of lifestyle)

·         Value (warranties, safety ratings, and price point )

·         Convenience (Bluetooth connectivity, fold-flat seats, and storage)

Women make between 40 to 60 percent of all vehicle purchases. We want to work with a salesperson that shows that they are listening to us through body language and eye contact. We want a salesperson who is selling us a vehicle based on our specific needs and wants and not someone who is just looking to make a sale.  I found a salesperson who was willing to take the time to listen to me and worked to ensure I was happy with my decision.

It’s been over a year since I leased my car and I still love it! In addition to heated seats my car has a remote start which I appreciate during the cold winter months. I now pay a quarter of what I used to spend on gas. My car has a touchscreen, hands-free calling and satellite radio.  When it’s warm out I can open my sunroof and blare my music like a teenager if I want to. I was able find a car that meets the demands of my everyday life and beyond.

So, what are you looking for in a vehicle?

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