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5 Cars Often Mistaken For Other Cars


Let’s admit it. Sometimes our eyes can be playing tricks on us. You are cruising down the road, and you are like check out that Aston Martin. Wait. That is no Aston Martin. That is a Ford Fusion. Oops! I was ummm……errr…….mistaken.

Have no fear! We will get you right together, and maybe help “unblur” the lines for you. Here are FIVE cars that are often mistaken for more expensive cars. It happens right? Maybe that Ford designer had pics of Aston Martin’s all over his desk. How flattering? Let’s GO!


Jeff Belzer's

5. Ford Fusion vs. Aston Martin

Ford Fusion Aston Martin Jeff Belzer's

Need I say more here? I think not.

4. Chrysler 300 vs. Bentley

Chrysler 300 Jeff Belzers


I am not talking about a 300 that wants to be a Bentley with a Bentley grill. Wait. Why do you think folks were putting Bentley grills on 300’s? Pure coincidence? I think not. Just do not park next to a real one to get your cover blown.

3. Kia Amanti vs. Jaguar S-Type

KIA Jeff Belzers


It was during a time when Kia was still trying to find themselves. I guess with the Kia Optima, they have finally done so.

2. Kia Sorento vs. Lexus RX350


Kia still trying to find themselves.

1. All New Audis

Audi Jeff Belzers
My exhaustive research on the interwebs led me to Audi being the worse offender. Hey is that an A4? No. Sorry, it is an A8. Oops, sorry sir I mistook your $80k car for a $40k one.

I guess if you like a case of mistaken identity, any of these five is right up your alley. Then again, who is still driving a Kia Amanti or Jaguar S-Type?

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