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2017 Chevy Bolt EV Range Rates In At An EPA-Estimated 238 Miles

Combined 119 mpg for the Bolt EV.

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2017 Chevy Bolt EV Range Rates In At An EPA-Estimated 238 Miles


The New 2017 Chevy Bolt EV will be arriving in our showroom soon. The million dollar question has been around the range of the new Bolt. Chevy just announced that the EPA rated the the Bolt EV at 238 miles of range. This is on a SINGLE charge. This is similar to the range offered by the Tesla Model S, which its starting price is almost double that of the Bolt EV. Chevy states that the the Bolt EV will start at about $37,500. The EPA also states that the Bolt EV gets the equivalent of 128 mpg in the city, and 110 mpg highway with a combined average of 119 mpg.

Three levels of charging are offered with the Bolt EV. Level 1 is home charging with a standard 110-volt outlet. At this level the Bolt charges at 4 miles per hour. Quick calculations suggests it would take 59 hours to charge from empty at home. Level 2 is a fast charger that cuts that chage time almost in half and charges at 25 miles per hour. A level 3 fast charger cuts the level 2 charge time in half. One thing missing is the charging network like Tesla has. Only time will tell how the Bolt EV will hold up against the other EV competitors such as the upcoming Nissan Lead and Tesla Model 3. The Bolt EV is out of the gate first, and can gain a sizeable lead with the Bolt EV.

We are excited to see the Bolt EV in our inventory later this year. Look for a full review once it arrives.



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