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10 Reasons to Buy A Service Contract

Protect Your Investment


Today’s cars and trucks would be considered engineering marvels in 1985. Back then, cars were much easier to work on and less complex. In 1985 cars, were a bit more straightforward to diagnose as well.

Whether it was a dead battery, starter, distributor, or carburetor, the diagnosis process was simpler by today’s standards. Some of you may not even know what a carburetor is (Google it) as they are no longer in cars thanks to fuel injection.

While the underlying diagnosis and failure of these essential components still apply, there are many, many other elements in today’s vehicles that can go wrong. The complexity of today’s vehicles require expertise to repair and diagnose as well as special tools and equipment. Diagnosis and repair can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Your vehicle could break down without warning at any time. Staying current with vehicle servicing can minimize mechanical failures and keep your car running in tip top shape. Purchasing a service contract at Jeff Belzer’s with your new vehicle provides peace of mind in the event of a mechanical failure. Your vehicle can be repaired with minimal delay and out-of-pocket costs.

Here are ten reasons to buy a service contract:

1. Peace of mind
2. Nationwide towing coverage
3.It is accepted anywhere in the US and Canada
4. Can be included in monthly payment
5. Service is performed as needed vs. with affordability
6. Significantly reduces out-of-pocket diagnosis and repair expenses
7. Increases resale value
8. Rental vehicle provided while vehicle is in service
9. Many levels of coverage to meet your needs
10.Keeps your vehicle in excellent condition

If you have purchased a new Chevy, Dodge, or Kia that is still under factory warranty it is not too late to buy a service contract. Stop in and talk to any of our Business Managers who can assist in choosing the right option for you!

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